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Discover what’s new in Lumion 10

04 November 2019

From finely detailed trees and plants to high-quality, pre-render previews and more, Lumion 10 comes packed with new features to […]

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Which power supply do you need?

04 February 2020

1. Power supply requirements for desktop PCs Note that the following only applies to desktop PCs. Power supplies for laptop […]

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Lumion 10.0.1: Everything you need to know

18 November 2019

Lumion 10.0.1 is released! This is just to let you know that version 10.0.1 of Lumion and Lumion Pro has been released. This is […]

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Getting started with Lumion 10

11 November 2019

Lumion’s popular with architects and designers because it’s so quick to learn and to get beautiful results. If you’ve downloaded […]

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10 Minute Speed Build Challenge – Digital Construction Week 2019

06 November 2019

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Mercedes Museum hero

The top 4 ways technology has changed the face of architecture

01 November 2019

The evolution of technology is a defining factor in the development of architecture. Technology such as 3D visualisation software has […]

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living room interior

The three biggest benefits of 3D modelling

25 October 2019

3D modelling is to architecture what the internal-combustion engine was to the industrial revolution. It has transformed the face of […]

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Lumion 10 is coming soon…

14 October 2019

Lumion 10 is coming soon… The following video render was made entirely in Lumion 10. Model design by Van Manen […]

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Aerial drone image example in Lumion

Combine drones, photogrammetry software and Lumion to create realistic 3D environmental context for your designs

17 July 2019

Hugely exciting to learn more about creating and rendering a 3D planned environment in this latest eBook from Lumion HQ. […]

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