360-degree VR images with visual effects

05 December 2018

When creating still images and video animations in Lumion, you’re almost spoilt for choice in the amount of effects you can add to create the perfect setting for your model.

The 360-degree panorama rendering option doesn’t allow you to add all of the effects that you might like, nor does it allow you to add style options.

However, you can copy-paste some of the effects from an image or video clip to your panorama image.

To copy the effects from an image, simply click the 3 horizontal lines to the right of Photo – 1 and then select “Copy effects”.

To paste them in a panorama, follow the same route:

To show the impact that effects can have, Lumion HQ made a selection of 360 panorama VR images, in stereoscopic and mono. The slice-count for these images was 150 and the panorama was rendered with three-star quality to save time. There is hardly any visible difference between these images and the high-end settings. You can download the following stereoscopic panoramas and try it out yourself.

Dutch House, rendered in 4K in Lumion 8.5.
Spacious Interior, rendered in 4K in Lumion 8.5.
Paris Street, rendered in 4K in Lumion 8.5.