Combine drones, photogrammetry software and Lumion to create realistic 3D environmental context for your designs

17 July 2019

Hugely exciting to learn more about creating and rendering a 3D planned environment in this latest eBook from Lumion HQ.

Ways to create a 3D planned environment in Lumion

You could:

  • Model it yourself
  • Use features such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) in Lumion
  • Combine drone footage with photogrammetry software and render everything together in Lumion

Whichever method you choose will affect the final look of the renders and you may need to use different methods in different scenarios.

Using OSM in Lumion

If you use OSM directly in Lumion, it’ll create white blocks depicting actual building locations, height and volume. The drawback is that the buildings don’t show any textures and are therefore not very realistic looking.

Using drone footage and photogrammetry software

Using a drone is fast and cost-effective, especially compared to some other methods. Lumion’s eBook guides you through the process of capturing 3D environmental context and then creating fairly accurate 3D models of the environment surrounding a planned building location.