Getting started with Lumion 9

14 May 2019

Lumion’s popular with architects and designers because it’s so quick to learn and to get beautiful results.

If you’ve downloaded a Lumion trial or have just bought the software and need some tips on getting started, these short tutorial videos are a great way to learn.

1. Getting started and importing a model

This is a 9 minute video that gives you a tour of the Lumion 9 user interface. Learn how to navigate and import your model from your CAD software.

Credits: Spiral Tower by architect Paul Spaltman

2. Adding content and objects to your scene

In Lumion 9 Pro version, there are over 5,000 objects in the content library. You can find people, trees, cars, interior and exterior decorations. In this second video, you’ll explore the rich content library and see how it can help you create realistic, visually stunning renders.

3. Applying and modifying materials

Materials in Lumion can transform your 3D models and bring life to your scene, creating realistic buildings and structures. In this third tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply and modify Lumion materials.

4. Creating context in your designs

In tutorial 4 you’ll learn how to quickly create beautiful context around your designs. Need an urban setting? Or a nature-filled landscape? See how easy it is to create context in no time.

Credits: Dune and Beach Project, Nesselande Project and Westpoint Apeldoorn Project by architect Paul Spaltman.

5. Modifying weather conditions

You’ve added materials, created the perfect context for your 3D design. Now you want to add even more realism to your scene by modifying the weather conditions. Follow this 5th tutorial to learn how to quickly change the weather in Lumion.

6. Creating images

Tutorial 6 takes us into Photo Mode and how to capture images in Lumion. This will explain how to create realistic or conceptual images of your project in just a few steps. And you’ll love how quickly the images save!

7. Creating movies

Want to create stunning cinematic animations? Capture the attention of your clients with impactful, animated renders created in Lumion.

8. Creating 360° panoramic images

Now you’re approaching the end of the tutorials, it’s time to get fully immersed into your 3D project. In this video you’ll learn how to create outstanding panoramic images. Whether for the Oculus Go or HTC Vive, see how quickly you can create 360° images and feel like you’re in the heart of your design.

9. Lights

See how you can really enhance your scene with shows, hyperlight, sky light and more. Learn how to create light objects and using lighting features to stunning effect.

Credits: Suriname Project and Kampen Supermarkt by architect Paul Spaltman. Street scene by Bridge Con.

10. Animating objects

Bring some life and energy to your videos. In this tutorial learn how to animate objects in your scene including people, cars, birds, the sun, doors, clouds…

11. Nodes and node replacement

You’re almost done with the “Getting started” series of videos! Nodes and the “place item on nodes” function allows you to instantly add multiple objects to your rendered scene. Perhaps you want to add streetlights to a road, or lighting to a ceiling. Learn more in this video.