The three biggest benefits of 3D modelling

25 October 2019

3D modelling is to architecture what the internal-combustion engine was to the industrial revolution. It has transformed the face of the industry. This technology has developed and grown significantly since its inception. Advances such as the ability to create hyper-realistic 360-degree panoramas and integrate with VR have upped the architectural game. Architects are now able to exceed the limitations of a simple drawing and transport clients into the universe of an unbuilt space, depicted in immersive and accurate detail.

The significant shift that this technology has created offers huge benefits to architects and has enhanced the end customer’s experience, easing the design and construction process for both.

Read on to discover in further detail how 3D visualisation technology could benefit your business and your clients.


Competition is exceptionally high within the architectural industry and the majority of end consumers aren’t aware of the time-consuming nature of the design and construction process an architect is responsible for. With Lumion’s 3D visualisation technology it allows you to visualise your CAD models in a video or image very quickly. You can even explore your model and render it in real- time, making it quicker and easier to make changes based on your design preferences and clients’ feedback. The ability to respond to client requirements and turnaround designs so rapidly will ensure their satisfaction and provide you with a competitive edge.

Breathing life into your architectural plan so that a client can easily visualise and therefore buy into your project more confidently, is an important but often time-consuming element of the design process. Building a textured 3D model has often proved the best way to translate the experience of and propose your ideas, but this is a slow method, hindering the speed of the design process and delivery. The advantage of visualisation software such as Lumion is that it gives you access to a library of realistic natural elements, stylish effects, thousands of objects and materials that make it simple to turn around a photorealistic representation of your design, showing your clients not just what their building is going to look like but also what it is going to feel like, fast.


Structural mistakes made during the design process can be exceptionally time-consuming and expensive to correct during construction. Lumion can combine photogrammetry software, drone footage and OSM to create a data-led picture that enables you to create a model of your building with pin-point accuracy. Having a precise oversight of your vision that you can share with developers and engineers before construction begins, enables every party involved to identify any potential problems and prevent additional costs in time and money that could occur if overlooked.

Better customer experience

3D visualisation technology gives you the advantage of enhancing the customer experience in multiple ways. The speed of delivery and adaptation based on feedback that the software affords is important, however, the key benefit is giving your client the ability to clearly visualise their building. Impressive HD visual effects and photorealistic renderings combined with the ability to present your ideas in a VR environment create a vivid, interactive experience that has been proven to positively directly impact your client’s confidence in their decision to buy into in a design.