Lumion Hotfix for Lumion 10.3

23 March 2020

Hotfix for Lumion 10.3

Hi, everyone! We have prepared a hotfix for the Lumion (Standard) and Lumion Pro versions of Lumion 10.3.

Resolved issues:

  • The camera no longer pauses at each keyframe in Clips.

1. Installation instructions

1.1: Quit Lumion 10.3 if it is running.

1.2: Click on the download link below to download the hotfix:

1.3: Right-click on the Lumion 10.3 shortcut icon that you normally double-click on when you start Lumion 10.3.


1.4: Select Properties and click on the button Open File Location:


1.5: Move the ‘.ZIP’ file that you downloaded in step 1.2 to the Lumion 10.3 installation folder you opened in step 1.4.

1.6: Right-click on the ‘.ZIP’ file and chose Extract Here to unzip the contents of the ‘.ZIP’ file in the Lumion 10.3 installation folder:


1.7: Confirm that you want to overwrite the existing files and folders by clicking on ‘Yes to All‘.

  • Please choose ‘overwrite’ when Windows asks you if you want to overwrite the existing file.
  • You need to have Administrative rights to write to this folder.
  • If Windows does not ask you to confirm, you have moved the ‘.ZIP’ file and/or unzipped it to the wrong location.

1.8: Start Lumion 10.3 again.

2.0 Update Your Project:

Any Clips that you have edited or saved in V10.3 and prior to the hotfix may need to be updated.

If you notice that the pause is no longer in the Clip Editor but is still there when viewing the Clips in the Movie Editor then it means the keyframes need to be updated for the fix.

Do these steps:

  1. Select the first camera keyframe.
  2. Click on the Update camera keyframe button.

  3. Repeat for each camera keyframe.
  4. Click the Tick button to save the Clip.