Lumion in action

09 April 2019

Our users love Lumion and are always keen to showcase their skills with Lumion’s capabilities.

Here we share a selection of videos that will demonstrate Lumion 9 in action.

Best new features in Lumion 9

Designer Hacks give their overview of the best new features in Lumion 9

Lumion 9 Live Webinar

Brightman Designs takes you through all the new features of Lumion 9: importing a model, placing objects, photo and video mode, plus additional questions submitted from our viewers.

Lumion Quickstart Tutorial

Brightman Designs presents a quick 15 minute tutorial to get started with Lumion 9.

New materials in Lumion 9

View a great explanation of all the new materials in Lumion 9

Lumion 9 Tips and Tricks

Architecture Inspirations gives a summary of tips and tricks for Lumion 9.

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