What’s new in Lumion 9.5

Mood and feeling are central to effective architectural renders, and in Lumion 9.5, you can instantly and easily create a warm, cozy feeling around your design’s interiors and exteriors.

The new high-definition materials merge beautiful aesthetics with a calm, at-home ambiance. The new leafless trees, forest wood objects and potted plants create richly detailed, enchanting compositions. From the interior to the exterior, these new materials and objects can help furnish your designs with the right mood and connect with your audience on an intimate, emotional level.

New HD materials

New HD materials include:

  • 3 fine woods for interiors and exteriors
  • 2 wood materials for cabins walls
  • 16 wood floors
  • 9 types of wood planks
  • 4 types of worn wood planks
  • 12 brick materials
  • 3 types of medieval bricks
  • 2 types of diamond steel floors
  • 1 fabric wicker material

These new materials are available in Lumion 9.5 and Lumion 9.5 Pro.

For the new objects, listed below, you can find some unlocked in the Standard version. The new objects include:

  • 11 leafless trees
  • 3 leafless shrubs
  • 5 fir cones
  • 16 logs
  • 34 types of punk wood
  • 15 tree stumps
  • 26 twigs
  • 25 potted plants

In addition to the new materials and objects, Lumion 9.5 comes with important maintenance updates to ensure a faster, more enjoyable rendering experience.

To get more information on Lumion 9.5, please visit the Knowledge Base article: “Lumion 9.5: Everything you need to know”.