BAM Case study

Video transcript

BAM Ireland is one of the group companies from the Royal BAM Group. We employ 24,000 people globally. We have a turnover of approximately €7bn and we are a whole lifecycle construction delivery organisation.

The main different before Lumion and after Lumion at BAM is probably costs to the production of high end visualisation. The ROI in the Lumion product is insurmountable.

I recognised that we had a current technology gap within our bidding and competitions side of our work. The technology gap was that of visualisation. We were finding it very very difficult to produce high-end visualisation rapidly.

Lumion knits very well with our current BIM process. We use the Revit platform. The link between Revit and Lumion is seamless. It’s very easy to use.

The optioneering aspect is tremendous. When I see how quick and rapid it was to produce high end visualisation out of our BIM, I was naturally attracted to that.

The ability to rapidly create visualisations of their buildings is very very significant. It really does assist us in trying to impart our design intent to a client.

In terms of people using it within BAM, our Information Manager’s using it, our technicians are using it. I envisaged one or two people in the start, but the one or two users I identified picked it up within 3 or 4 days with not much training, if practically none to be honest!

From our point of view, the future of Lumion is very bright within BAM. We are constantly innovating, looking at new ways to use our information models. It’s been one of the most significant investments we’ve made in the last 25 months within BAM.