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Discover what’s new in Lumion 10

04 November 2019

From finely detailed trees and plants to high-quality, pre-render previews and more, Lumion 10 comes packed with new features to […]

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Lumion 9.3 hero image

What’s new in Lumion 9.5

18 June 2019

Mood and feeling are central to effective architectural renders, and in Lumion 9.5, you can instantly and easily create a […]

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Lumion 9.3 patio setting

Lumion in action

09 April 2019

Our users love Lumion and are always keen to showcase their skills with Lumion’s capabilities. Here we share a selection […]

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Lumion escalator

Lumion 9.3 is released today

19 March 2019

Lumion 9.3 is a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users. It builds on the capabilities of Lumion 9 to produce […]

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Grass house hero render

Top new features in Lumion 9

05 November 2018

Lumion 9 is released today and it comes with some fantastic new features that we’ll cover in more detail through […]

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Lumion 8 hero

What’s new in Lumion 8

06 November 2017

Capture your architectural vision in the best possible light The Styles Button is the power of Lumion 8 brought together. […]

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Lumion 7 hero

Feel the space with Lumion 7

07 November 2016

Cover surfaces with ivy, add weathering or transparency. Add area lights or light strips. Transform any model into realistic foliage. […]

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Lumion 6.5 released today

06 June 2016

Lumion 6.5 contains an updated render engine. The engine now works better with Windows 8 and 10. Additionally, Lumion has […]

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Lumion 6 hero

New in Lumion 6.3

04 April 2016

Representing a huge leap forward in 3D visualization, Lumion 6.3 now allows you to quickly show your clients 3D models […]

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