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Lumion 10.5 is available now

Lumion 10.5 is available now. See what’s new!

09 July 2020

With Lumion 10.5, available now, it’s even easier to elevate the beauty of the ‘great
outdoors’ surrounding your architectural design with 67 new high-quality models for
gardens, backyards, landscape designs and other outdoor spaces.

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Lumion 10.3 is available now. See what’s new in the latest version of Lumion!

17 March 2020

Vivid materials can tell a vivid story about your design, and in Lumion 10.3, you can now make materials feel […]

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Lumion 10.0.1: Everything you need to know

18 November 2019

Lumion 10.0.1 is released! This is just to let you know that version 10.0.1 of Lumion and Lumion Pro has been released. This is […]

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Discover what’s new in Lumion 10

04 November 2019

From finely detailed trees and plants to high-quality, pre-render previews and more, Lumion 10 comes packed with new features to […]

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Lumion 10 is coming soon…

14 October 2019

Lumion 10 is coming soon… The following video render was made entirely in Lumion 10. Model design by Van Manen […]

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Lumion 9.3 hero image

What’s new in Lumion 9.5

18 June 2019

Mood and feeling are central to effective architectural renders, and in Lumion 9.5, you can instantly and easily create a […]

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Lumion escalator

Lumion 9.3 is released today

19 March 2019

Lumion 9.3 is a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users. It builds on the capabilities of Lumion 9 to produce […]

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Lumion 8 hero

What’s new in Lumion 8

06 November 2017

Capture your architectural vision in the best possible light The Styles Button is the power of Lumion 8 brought together. […]

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Lumion 7 hero

Feel the space with Lumion 7

07 November 2016

Cover surfaces with ivy, add weathering or transparency. Add area lights or light strips. Transform any model into realistic foliage. […]

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