Explore Lumion for Interior Designers

Bring your interior designs to life with Lumion’s massive content library, including stunning 3D fur materials and thousands of objects.

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In seconds you can visualize stunning, real-life interior designs in a video or image.

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Easy to use

In 15 minutes you’ll learn to create jaw-dropping images, videos and 360 panoramas at lightning-fast speeds!

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Massive content library

Lumion’s content library gives you thousands of objects and materials to create a real interior environments.

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Model elsewhere, render in Lumion

Use your preferred CAD tools to build your model but render in Lumion for speed. With LiveSync you can create a real-time connection with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks or Rhino.

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Faster design reviews

When you’re time-pressured you can easily update your visuals with design changes and output in a fraction of the time than with other 3D rendering tools.

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Beautiful renders

Create high-resolution photorealistic or conceptual outputs of your interior designs for client presentations, marketing and more.

Customer stories

“We are really happy we found Lumion because it helps us realise our vision by bringing projects to life.”

Michael Bryant, Owner Bryant Design Studios

“The importance of Lumion is that it brings the notion of visualisation and photorealistic representation of projects to every designer that works in an office rather than it being a specialist item.”

John Goldwyn, Vice President WATG, London

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