What’s new in Lumion 7

07 November 2016

Lumion 7 is released bringing some exciting new features for you to try.

Recognising that not all buildings need to be pristine or perfect, Lumion 7 easily transforms sterile walls and statues into realistic living surfaces with foliage, imperfections, and natural weathering. These new features remove the coldness of computer-generated imagery by seeking out edges, roughness, and other properties of natural materials to make them look like they’ve been around a while.

Cover materials with leaves or add weathering, aging and transparency. Add light strips or area lighting, transform a wall into thousands of leaves or have ivy creeping from the ground up, all with the click of a button. Even professional visualization artists would have a hard time creating these features, which in Lumion 7 are now simple tasks.

Below is a full list of the new features and content included with Lumion 7.
(Some of the features and content listed below are only available in Lumion 7 Pro)

New Features & Workflow Enhancements

  • Area light and light strip
  • Transparency and translucency for materials
  • Weathering
  • Foliage
  • OpenStreetMap (Beta Functionality)
  • Share still images & 360 degree panoramas online with MyLumion
  • Publish your videos directly to YouTube
  • Material Favorites

Enchanced Content Library

  • 172 New tree and plant species from around the globe, including variations in shape and size.
  • 193 indoor objects ranging from kitchen appliances, office furniture, decorative objects, home furnishings and more.
  • 346 outdoor objects – from road signs to garden furniture, park benches, bus stops and many more.
  • 39 New character poses and animations, including men women and children.
  • 19 New vehicle models, including Japanese cars and scooters.
  • 2 new light types.
  • Enhanced Material Library
  • 20 New curtain presets, each with a specific pattern and transparency
  • 9 New foliage materials
  • 20 New weathered and aged materials, including gold, bronze, silver, leather, plastic, stone and wood.
  • For full details of all the features listed above please click on the link below.