Lumion – the world’s fastest 3D rendering software for architects

Realistic environments, real beauty. Rendered faster than ever.

Rendering was once a slow and tedious process. With Lumion, everything’s better.

From importing a CAD model to rendering a standout result, the whole process now takes only a few hours. And if you need to update a render on-the-fly, you can reconnect your model, adjust the render settings, and show your client a brand new, beautiful result, all in a matter of minutes.


Lumion is breathtakingly fast, easy to use and produces beautiful renders. Used by Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and others for bidding, design review and customer interaction

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Import your model from all of the leading 3D CAD modelling programmes including Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino and ArchiCAD. From a blank skeleton of your 3D model to a photorealistic result, Lumion helps you get the job done faster than any 3D rendering software out there.

Simply import a model, compile your scene and render for a realistic or conceptual result. Streamlined scene-building tools help you create complex environments in minutes.

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Lumion effects impart a sense of mood and realism into your designs. Our catalogue of effects enables you to create beautiful realistic renders and breathe life into your designs with realistic landscapes and urban context.

To see the full catalogue of effects, check out the Lumion effects listings here.

Light and shadow effects

Add sun lighting properties and sky, as well as settings for reflections, light and shadow.

Camera effects

Make your renders photo-realistic and add effects like depth of field, motion blur, tilt shift and lens flare.

Scene and animation animated gif
Scene and Animation

Create effects on objects with different types of movements such as cars, walking/running people or descriptive text.

Weather and climate effects

Set the mood of your render and also create looks specific to different times of the year.

Sketch effects

Create artistic effects on your renders such as sketch or pastel.

Colour effects

Add various colour correction modes to your render e.g. varying the warmth of the ambient colour mood.

Sun Study animated gif
Sun study

Set any time of year


See your designs in the context of the real world with Lumion’s comprehensive scene-building tools and effects. From the densely forested landscape to the urban scene, you can find 5,000 objects including trees and shrubbery, cars, people, interior furnishings, exterior objects and more.

Bedroom interior by pool
Eames House interior with rain
Grrenhouse room interior

Over 1,000 materials are also available in the Lumion Pro* version, giving you the ability to instantly assign stunning glass, plaster, wood, metal, fabrics and more and convert the blank skeleton of your 3D model into a lively scene teeming with colour, depth and feeling. (*Note: Lumion Standard has about 33% of the content library (materials and objects) found in Lumion Pro.)

OpenStreetMap Dubai


Put your models on the map with OpenStreetMap. This functionality allows you to directly pick a location anywhere on Earth. Lumion then generates corresponding 3D maps by importing 2D data from the OpenStreetMap database.



A great tool for collaboration is the ability to merge content from a scene file with your current scene. This feature is essential for people working in teams because it allows you to work on a single scene with multiple people.

For a detailed list of product features, check our Specifications page

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Professional version of Lumion with all content and features. Ideal for all professional architecture and 3D visualization studios.

Standard version of Lumion with limited library content and features. Ideal for smaller architecture and design businesses.

Lumion licenses are floating. They are effectively the same as network licenses. You may install Lumion on multiple computers. You can run as many Lumion instances simultaneously as the number of seats you have on the license.

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