Virtual reality experiences with Lumion

VR has transformed the way that architects and designers can convey their designs to their clients, transporting viewers into the heart of unbuilt spaces.

Lumion 360 panoramas allow you to pull your audience into your design and give them a feeling of the space around them. Lumion’s high quality 360 panoramas are controlled by the architect meaning you can control the user’s experience.

Recommended headsets

At Lumion we recommend using the Oculus Go for VR. The team at Lumion HQ, gave the Oculus Go a test run right after it was released. It immediately became a favourite because:

  • It’s affordable yet delivers relatively high visual quality compared to phone-based solutions
  • It Works without a phone
  • It has cordless performance
  • Image file transfers can be done through DropBox, so there’s no need to connect a cable to the PC
  • To avoid waiting too long to upload videos to Dropbox, video file transfers can be done through a USB cable. You can keep the USB cable plugged into your PC after transferring for immediate viewing.
  • The hand controller works pretty well and we found it better than touching the side of the headset like on the Samsung Gear VR.
  • The built-in sound is great, and you don’t need to use large earpads. Adding sound to your Lumion panoramas certainly adds to the ‘wow’ effect.

For more about VR and panoramas in Lumion, go to our blog and choose the VR category.

Example Lumion 360-degree panorama

Here’s a Lumion panorama we shared on Facebook.