Discover how Lumion is improving the workflow of industry leaders.

John Goldwyn, Vice President, WATG London
Director of Planning and Landscape

Michael Murphy, BAM Ireland
BIM Operations Manager

Customer Success Stories

J.J. Riestra

BIM Director at AECOM

"Lumion makes anyone feel like an expert"

Tal Aisenberg

Senior Landscape Architect

"The fact that Lumion can handle such large scenes is a big plus. There’s nothing out there that can do that."

Rob Terry

Director of 3D Visualization | Vice President at VOA Associates, Inc.

"Lumion has helped pioneer a new workflow in VOA"

Davis Chauviere

Principal and Senior VP HKS, Inc.

"When I first opened the program, I immediately got the same feeling I had years ago when we discovered SketchUp."

Marc Piechocki

Owner I-Echo Landscape Design

"Lumion is absolutely integral to our service offering.”

Michael Chevasco

Architect at Lovelock Mitchell

"Lumion fits very well with our ideas of what BIM means in practice"

Erik Varval

Architectural 3D Modeler at Clark Patterson Lee

"Lumion is remarkably easy to learn and use. Sometimes software can be frustrating but not with Lumion!"

Michael Bryant

Owner Bryant Design Studios

"We are really happy we found Lumion because it helps us realise our vision by bringing projects to life."

Customer Showcase - Architecture

Harbor of Cannesby by Jérôme Gonsolin

Neue National Galerie by Wenjun Yu

Video by Mike Makki

Lumion Showreel by Various Architects

Customer Showcase - Landscape design and urban planning

The Garden by Byzantos

Large Urban Planning Project by Derek W

Jungle Living by Erik Varvel

Fazenda Dona Carolina by Gilson Antunez

Customer Showcase - Construction and Engineering

Bluewater by Tidal Energy

Construction by Biming 3D