Lumion FAQs

  • What sort of computer do I need for Lumion?

    Lumion requires a computer with a fast graphics card with plenty of memory. Click here to view system requirements

  • Will Lumion work on a Mac, iMac or Macbook?

    In short, the answer is maybe.

    IMPORTANT: Using Lumion on Macs is not officially supported. Act-3D B.V. provides no warranties on any of the functionality in Lumion and do not accept any liability claims arising from the use of Lumion on Macs. Act-3D B.V. recommends running Lumion on Windows PCs as they can be configured with more powerful hardware than Macs which will make editing and rendering significantly faster.

    To find out if it will work, please double-check that you have got the following:

    • A relatively new Mac computer with a fast graphics card.
    • A Windows 10 license.
    • At least 100 GB free harddrive space for Windows 10 & Lumion.
    • Apple’s Bootcamp software for installing Windows 10.
    • The latest driver software for the graphics card (see 1.3 below).

    Please also note that older Macs often do not have very powerful graphics cards and will struggle when running Lumion. Please click here to check if your Mac’s graphics card is suitable for Lumion.

    In addition, Apple’s Bootcamp drivers for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards are often outdated, and Lumion 6.5 and newer might not be able to start on a Mac with those drivers. Please verify that you can install the latest official NVIDIA or AMD driver from the AMD or NVIDIA websites before running Lumion on your Mac.

    Here is a link to the latest AMD Bootcamp driver:

    And here is a link to the latest NVIDIA driver:

    IMPORTANT: The Bootcamp driver for the latest iMac Pro (Late 2017) causes performance issues in Lumion and other 3D games/applications. Some iMac Pro owners recommend installing a modified AMD driver from the following website to resolve the problem but we are unable to confirm if that helps or not:

  • Can you install Lumion on OSX?

    No, Lumion can’t be installed on OSX, and there are no plans to make Lumion available on OSX.

  • Can you run Lumion in Parallels or VMWare Fusion for OSX?

    Parallels and WMWare Fusion for OSX are not supported and will cause crashes, glitches and licence lock-ups.

  • Does Lumion support 'remote desktop' access?

    No, Lumion does not officially support ‘remote desktop’ access, for example via Windows Remote Desktop, WMWare Fusion, VMWare VDI, Citrix/ZenApp, Teamviewer, Nvidia GRID, XenServer, XenDesktop etc.

    There are currently no plans to add support for any of these applications.

    Some ‘remote desktop’ applications such as TeamViewer might let you start the rendering procedure but navigating around scenes and moving objects etc won’t work as expected. Other ‘remote desktop’ applications such as Citrix and VMWare products will have trouble running Lumion.

  • How does the license system work?

    Lumion licences are perpetual and installed on your PC as a standalone application.

    All Lumion licensing is “floating”, therefore, you can install it on as many workstations as you wish. Checking in and out of Lumion sessions is managed via an internet connection.

    The number of Licence keys or seats determines how many PCs you can use Lumion on at the same time.

    Additional licences can be managed under a single licence key, or if preferred, under their own unique keys. The latter may be a preference where multiple offices are involved that require their own licence pools. Click here for more information about the Lumion licence system.

  • Can you use Lumion without an internet connection?

    No, it is not possible to use Lumion without an internet connection.

    However, if you have a smartphone with internet access, you can set it up as a mobile WiFi hotspot. That way, you can connect your PC to the internet via your smartphone and use Lumion without problems.

  • How do you import a model from your CAD software?

    Lumion supports most common CAD and BIM software. Please click here to see how to import models from all of the major CAD software packages.

    The supported model file formats are as follows:

    • Collada (.DAE)
    • Sketchup (.SKP)
    • Autodesk® (.FBX)
    • Autodesk® (.DWG)
    • Autodesk® (.DXF)
    • 3DS Max® (.MAX) (Requires a 3ds Max installation)
    • 3DS Max® (.3DS)
    • Wavefront (.OBJ)

    For more information about importing models from specific CAD software, choose the relevant link from below.

    Model import guidelines for

  • Can you export 3D models/scenes from Lumion to other 3D applications?

    No, it’s not possible to export Lumion scenes/models to other 3D applications.

  • Which models are available in the Model Libraries of Lumion Standard and Lumion Pro?

    Lumion Standard contains about 1/3 of the models that are included in Lumion Pro.

  • Is there a trial version of Lumion?

    Yes, in fact there are two trial versions of Lumion.

    Lumion Public Trial

    This is a trial version available to anyone interested in evaluating Lumion. It contains 15% of the content library and scenes saved in this version cannot be opened in other versions of Lumion. All output contains a watermark. Also the Panorama Mode and OpenStreetMap functionality are disabled.

    This trial works for 14 days after the first activation.

    Request a Public Trial

    Lumion Professional Trial

    This trial is strictly for professional architects and designers and is a full, unwatermarked version of Lumion. We have specific qualifying criteria for approving requests for a Pro trial. It includes all content and functionality of the full commercial version.

    This trial works for 14 days after the first activation.

    Request a Pro Trial

  • How do you get Lumion technical support?

    Lumion support is only available from Monday to Friday and is only provided via the Lumion Support Center. Lumion support is not provided via email, phone or private messages.

  • How do you register your Licence Key to get access to technical support?

    It’s simple and usually only takes a few seconds to complete.

    Firstly, create an account on the Lumion Support Centre if you don’t already have one.

    If it’s your first time setting up an account, you will need to register your license key (you can find your license key in the “Getting started with Lumion email) to download the installer.

    Learn more about Lumion accounts.

    Next, copy your Lumion Licence Key (which you can find in the Getting started with Lumion email that we have sent you.*

    Click here to go to your Lumion Support Center profile page and paste your Lumion Licence Key into the Register a licence text field. Then click on the Register button. If you are working for a company, you can use 1 Licence Key for all of your staff members.

    Your Lumion Licence Key should now appear on the Registered licenses list.
    Your Lumion Support Center Account and profile page will show your status as a licensed user.

    You can then use the Lumion Support Centre search function to find an answer to your question or post a topic if you can’t find a suitable answer.

    *What to do if you can’t find your licence key

    If you can’t find your licence key number, you can submit a resend request as follows:

    Send an email containing the following information to

    • The Lumion version required.
    • A copy of your License Key/upgrade purchase receipt – or a copy of the most recent Getting Started with Lumion email you have.
    • An alternative email address (if you are not receiving the Getting Started with Lumion email, despite whitelisting the sender addresses above).
    • It may take up to 24 hours to process the request from Monday to Friday (Weekends are not covered).


  • Is there a student version of Lumion?

    Yes, Lumion is available to students and can also be requested by lecturers for use in Labs.

    To request a student licence, go here.

    If you’re a lecturer wanting more information about lab licences, please complete the form here.

  • Can you use a Lumion licence on more than one computer?

    Lumion licences are floating. They are effectively the same as network licences. You may install Lumion on multiple computers. You can run as many Lumion instances simultaneously as the number of seats you have on the licence.

  • I am having problems downloading

    Have you tried the following advice on “Why is the Download Manager not working”