Try Lumion for personal use

Lumion FOR Personal USE

Anyone can try Lumion with this fourteen-day personal trial. This version of Lumion outputs watermarked images and has limited functionality, but it will give a good overview of Lumion’s capabilities. It does not include Lumion Viewer, MyLumion, OpenStreetMap or Panorama Mode

How to try Lumion for personal use:

1. Fill in the form

2. Your request will be checked and processed as soon as possible

3. We’ll send you an email that will allow you to download Lumion





Try Lumion for personal use


Lumion requires a good graphics card. To check if your graphics card is right for Lumion, read our System Requirements page.

Also be aware that Lumion does not work on a Mac. For more information read our FAQs

Licenses that have not been activated within 30 days are invalidated automatically.

Lumion UK services UK & Ireland customers only. To contact a reseller in your country, please find your local reseller

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