Lumion Video Tutorials

Get to know Lumion in 15 minutes

  • See how to:
  • Configure sun and sky
  • Apply materials
  • Add trees, people and cars
  • Create camera paths
  • Add effects
  • Learn to animate objects
  • Render movies

The Basics (8 Videos)
Quickly get up to speed learing Lumion.

Building Your World (43 Videos)
Learn how to build a world around your model.

Creating Videos (26 Videos)
Learn how to turn your model into a video.

Creating Stills (7 Videos)
Quickly create images of your model.

Applying Materials (18 Videos)
Learn how to apply materials to your model.

Applying Effects (69 Videos)
Learn how to apply effects to your videos.

Tips And Tricks (41 Videos)
All kinds of tips and tricks to help you get your work done quickly.